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  • Doctoral Stream Rehab Programs

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    Is there a doctoral stream rehab program for Physical Therapists at the University of Toronto? Yes, there are MSc and PhD programs in the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute. Students with a BScPT or MScPT may be eligible for consideration to this program. Alternatively, there are many other graduate programs available at U of T. Why would […]

  • The U of T PT Program

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    What is the goal of the U of T MScPT curriculum? The goal of our curriculum is to develop highly competent academic practitioners who will consistently demonstrate the essential competencies of a practicing physical therapist in a wide range of settings upon graduation. The Ontario Council of University Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences (OCUPRS) created a […]

  • The PT Profession

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    What is Physical Therapy? Physical Therapy is a professional health discipline directed towards the prevention or alleviation of movement dysfunction, and towards the enhancement of physical capacity. The ultimate goal of Physical Therapy is to assist the client/patient to achieve the highest possible level of independent function. Exercise, therapeutic modalities and consultative strategies are used […]

  • Upgrading Courses/GPA

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    I need to increase my GPA to be more competitive in the application process. What should I do? Any upgrades completed should be at the senior (3rd or 4th year) level, unless they are prerequisite courses. Prerequisite courses are permitted to be at the 1st and 2nd year level. We also recommend that applicants take […]

  • Non-Academic Requirements

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    Who should be my reference? We require one academic reference and one professional reference. Both referees should be individuals who can address your aptitude for studies in a health profession. Referees should also have direct knowledge of the applicant and are in a position to reasonably make statements concerning the applicant’s character, communication and academic […]

  • Prerequisites

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    What are the required prerequisite courses? Applicants are required to complete one half-course in Human Physiology, one half-course in Human Anatomy, one full-course or two-half courses in Life and/or Physical Sciences, one full-course or two half-courses in Social Sciences and/or Humanities and/or Languages, and one-half course in Statistics or Research Methods. I completed a combined […]

  • GPA & Admissions

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    What university grades are required? This varies from year to year, however an A- average over your last 20 half-courses is generally competitive. See our admission statistics table for full details. How is GPA calculated? We will consider your last 20 half-courses completed by December 31 of the application year, starting with the Fall session […]

  • Applying

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    When can you apply to the physical therapy program at U of T? Applications are generally available on the Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs Application Service (ORPAS) website by mid-October of each year. How can I apply to the physical therapy program? Applications are available from ORPAS, a division of the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). […]