Upgrading Courses/GPA

I need to increase my GPA to be more competitive in the application process. What should I do?
Any upgrades completed should be at the senior (3rd or 4th year) level, unless they are prerequisite courses. Prerequisite courses are permitted to be at the 1st and 2nd year level. We also recommend that applicants take courses in the life sciences/social sciences/humanities, as these subjects are most relevant to the PT program.

I didn’t do so well in a course, so I took it again and earned a better mark. Will you take the higher mark?
It depends. When calculating GPA, we will include your last 20 half credits, regardless if there are any repeats. If the same course appears twice in the last 20 half credits, then it will be counted twice (including the low mark and the high mark). If you did poorly in a course in first year and then took it again in fourth year, then only the fourth year mark would count towards your GPA.

I completed a chiropractic diploma, will those marks be counted towards my GPA?
No. Marks from programs leading to Chiropractic, Naturopathic or Homeopathic diplomas are not included in the GPA calculation.

I still have a specific question. What should I do?
You should first review our How to Apply page and our other FAQ sections. If you still need help, e-mail physther.facmed@utoronto.ca or call us at 416 946 8641.