Non-Academic Requirements

Who should be my reference?
We require one academic reference and one professional reference. Both referees should be individuals who can address your aptitude for studies in a health profession. Referees should also have direct knowledge of the applicant and are in a position to reasonably make statements concerning the applicant’s character, communication and academic capabilities, and special circumstances if applicable. Additionally, the academic reference must be from the university level, such as a professor or course instructor. A common example of a professional reference is a supervisor in either a volunteer or employment setting.

Does my referee need to include a letter in addition to the ORPAS Confidential Assessment Form?
Yes. Instructions on what to include in the letter are on the ORPAS Confidential Assessment Form. Referees should write this accompanying letter on university/official stationary.

What is the Computer Administered Profile (CAP)?
The CAP is a written examination held at the University of Toronto. Approximately 350 of the top applicants (ranked primarily by GPA) are invited to this stage of the process. process. The exam is two hour and features a series of short and long answer questions. The CAP is not a personal profile nor is it an MCAT-type exam that you can study for, rather it is designed to assess personal characteristics and attributes, life experiences, knowledge of the profession, and critical thinking/problem-solving skills. Typical questions will explore understanding of the profession and ability to problem solve.

When is the CAP?
Dates for the CAP are set in September of every academic year. You can find this information on our Important Dates page.

I know I will have a conflict with the Saturday CAP date. What can I do?
In order to accommodate religious observances and special requirements there will be a secondary CAP date, usually the Wednesday prior to the Saturday date. See our Important Dates page for exact dates. Upon receiving a letter of invitation to the CAP a written request with supporting documentation will be required to accommodate the request for the alternative date. We will deal with these requests only after a CAP invitation is extended to you. Once a CAP invitation has been received, then you should email to start the process.

I have an arrangement with my school’s Accessibility Services where I receive extra time to write exams. Can I set up the same thing for the CAP exam?
In order to accommodate special requirements we require supporting documentation (typically a letter from your Accessibility Counsellor) that outlines your current arrangement. We will deal with these requests only after a CAP invitation is extended to you. Once a CAP invitation has been received, then you should email to start the process.

I live in BC. Can I write the CAP off-site?
No. All applicants are expected to travel to Toronto for the CAP.

Is there anything I can do to improve my CAP?
Yes, do more research about physical therapy (PT) so you can demonstrate a clearer understanding of what PT is about and why you are suited for the profession over another health profession. You should investigate PT thoroughly and be sure you know about its many different roles and breadth of the profession. Visit a variety of facilities to observe different practice settings and client populations, and observe how PT varies from setting to setting. You can find a plethora of PT sites online, including the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association and the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators. Your university career centre may also have information. Be sure that the information you gather is up-to-date.

Are marks considered more important than the CAP?
Both are included in your aggregate admission score. Enrolment selection is based on a combination of CAP exam score weighted at 40% and GPA weighted at 60%.

Is volunteer work in a health care setting required?
No, but it is strongly recommended. Keep in mind that the only place for you to include such information is on the CAP. We do not collect any information on extracurricular activities or work experience within the ORPAS application.

I still have a specific question. What should I do?
You should first review our How to Apply page and our other FAQ sections. If you still need help, e-mail or call us at 416 946 8641.