When can you apply to the physical therapy program at U of T?
Applications are generally available on the Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs Application Service (ORPAS) website by mid-October of each year.

How can I apply to the physical therapy program?
Applications are available from ORPAS, a division of the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC). Visit ORPAS and click on the ORPAS Online Application link.

What will the GPA cutoff for this year be?
The GPA cutoff has been in the A- to A range for the past several years. However, since we base the exact cutoff on the applicant pool, we are unable to determine the cutoff until after the application cycle has closed. You can check out our statistics on previous application years for historical data.

Can I check the GPA ORPAS has calculated on my behalf?
After receiving the application and all of the official transcripts, ORPAS will calculate a sub-GPA. You can check your Verification Report (VR) by logging into your ORPAS application. This report is available once your academic record has been reviewed by ORPAS, which will occur in February. The VR will present an up-to-date summary of all information contained in your application, including what transcripts and Confidential Assessment Forms have been received. It will also include the sub-GPA and a list of all courses/grades used in the calculation. ORPAS will send you an email once this report is available to view. It is your responsibility to check this report and contact ORPAS (typically by March 1 of the year you are applying) if there are any discrepancies. If you have any change requests after viewing this report, you can make the request by logging into the Secure Applicant Messaging Tool (which is accessed through the ORPAS online application). Please keep in mind that if you completed graduate level courses or were educated outside of North America, the PT Department will perform a manual GPA calculation.

Who marks the CAP exam?
Each exam is marked by 3 individuals: a professor, a current PT student, and a PT clinician. Evaluators are given a marking template to follow. The scores from the 3 evalulators are averaged together to determine the final CAP score.

How do you select who receives an offer to join the program?
Enrolment selection is based on a combination of CAP exam score weighted at 40% and GPA weighted at 60%, along with a file review.

I missed the deadline! Can you reopen the application for me?
No. Applicants are expected to be fully aware of all important dates and deadlines.

Can I take the program on a part-time basis?

Is there a January start date for new students?
No. The program begins only in September every year.

Is it possible to transfer into physical therapy at U of T from another PT program?
because of the unique structure of our curriculum, transfers are not possible into this program.

What kind of students are you looking for?
We look for a wide range of well-rounded students from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Individuals who are self-confident, strong leaders, and who have strong problem-solving abilities will flourish in this program and will find this program a good fit. We accept applications from individuals with a disability or of aboriginal descent as well as those who hold graduate degrees.

I still have a specific question. What should I do?
You should first review our How to Apply page and our other FAQ sections. If you still need help, email or call us at 416 946 8641.