Mireille Landry, BScPT, MSc

Headshot of Mireille Landry

Lecturer, Unit 1&2 Co-Coordinator

Department of Physical Therapy
160-500 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V7

Email:   mireille.landry@utoronto.ca
Fax:        416-946-8562

Mireille Landry received a BScPT from Queen’s University and a MSc from the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Toronto. Mireille’s clinical background includes cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal and exercise physical therapy in acute care, private practice, and ambulatory care settings. She is currently the Exercise Coordinator for the Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative at Women’s College Hospital – a cardiac rehabilitation and primary prevention program for women. In 2011, she became a Certified Diabetes Educator, one of few physiotherapists to hold that designation.

Mireille began her involvement with the U of T PT curriculum in 2003 as a small group facilitator and over the years has gradually become more involved in student teaching in various capacities and across units in the curriculum. She has recently joined the department as co-coordinator of Unit 1&2 (Introduction and Cardiorespiratory and Exercise Physical Therapy Practice), where she is responsible for the development and delivery of the clinical skills curriculum in Unit 1&2 with Lisa Wickerson.

Mireille is also an active member of the Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and is currently a director on the board of SPC. She also has post-graduate certification through SPC.

Sutton EJ, Rolfe D, Landry M, Sternberg L, Price JAD. Cardiac rehabilitation and the therapeutic environment: the importance of physical, social, and symbolic safety for program participation among women. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2012;

Rolfe DE, Sutton EJ, Landry M, Sternberg L, Price JAD. Women’s experiences accessing a women-centered cardiac rehabilitation program – a qualitative study. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2010;25(4):332-341.

Price JAD, Landry M, Rolfe D, Delos-Reyes F, Groff L, Sternberg L. Women's Cardiac Rehabilitation: Improving Access Using Principles of Women's Health. Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 2005;15(3): 32-41.

Mireille is primarily involved in practice based research in women, cardiac rehabilitation and prevention through exercise.  Her graduate work investigated “multi-level correlates of women’s physical activity behavior following participation in a primary prevention program”. Other research interests include exercise in management of chronic conditions, leadership and physical therapy, and mentorship in sport physiotherapy.

Mireille teaches the clinical lab content in Unit 1&2 (Introduction and Cardiorespiratory and Exercise Physical Therapy).

In addition to departmental teaching, Mireille regularly provides educational sessions to the clinical community on topics such as exercise prescription, cardiac rehabilitation, and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in exercise and sport.

Lecturer, Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto