Karen Yoshida, BScPT, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Physical Therapy
160-500 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V7

Email:   karen.yoshida@utoronto.ca
Phone:  416-978-6589
Fax:         416-946-8562



Karen Yoshida is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science at the University of Toronto. Her research over the past 20+ years has emphasized the lived experience of disability and community research partnerships. She works in collaborative teaching and research partnerships related to Disability Studies and has done so for the past 15 years. Her research approach is community-based, participatory, and she is sensitive to using qualitative methods that promotes the subjectivities of people with disabilities.

Dr. Yoshida also teaches graduate level courses in the Sociology of Disability, and Disability Studies. Her current research interests focuses on embodiment related to women living with disabilities, their health and access to health services.

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Copper N, Yoshida KK. Cancer Screening behaviors among Canadian women living with physical disabilities. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. May 2007. Vol 88, No. 5., 597-603.

Karen focuses her research on women living with disabilities and their health, access to health services, oral histories of people with disabilities, disability studies, arts and culture, issues of embodiment, and qualitative research methods.

Karen teaches in the MScPT program as a member of the research curriculum, and is Co-coordinator of Unit 10/12, the final research unit of the MScPT program. She teaches a component of disability studies, and health and well-being issues, within other MScPT units. Additionally, she teaches Sociology of Disability and Disability Studies within the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Sciences.

Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Professor, Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science
Department of Public Health Sciences
Member, Women's College Hospital Institute