Dina Brooks, BScPT, MSc, PhD


Department of Physical Therapy
160-500 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V7

Email: dina.brooks@utoronto.ca
Phone: 416-978-1739
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Dr. Dina Brooks is a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Rehabilitation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. She is also the recipient of several teaching and research awards and holds many grants. Her research experience has included varied models (e.g., anaesthetized animals, conscious animals and humans) and different research approaches. She is presently involved in research in two main patient populations: individuals with chronic lung disease and those with cardiovascular disease. In the area of chronic lung disease, she is involved in several clinical trials on the effectiveness of different components and modes of delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation. In cardiovascular rehabilitation, she is investigating the effectiveness of exercise training in individuals after stroke.

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  • Rehabilitation in individuals with COPD
  • Exercise in Stroke
  • Cardiorespiratory physical therapy
  • Respiratory physiology
  • Geriatric rehabilitation

Professor Brooks teaches and coordinates REH 2000H: Independent Reading and Research Course, REH2001H: Rehabilitation Presentations and Proceedings and REH3001Y: Advanced Rehabilitation Presentation and Proceedings within the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science.

Professor Brooks is also the co-coordinator for PHT 1001 and 1002Y: Introduction, Cardiorespiratory and Exercise Physical Therapy within  the Department of Physical Therapy. She is responsible for curriculum development, integration of the material from the five different components and assimilating the unit within the overall curriculum.

Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Full Member & Graduate Coordinator, Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Medicine