Cathy Evans, BScPT, MSc, PhD

Graduate Coordinator & Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Therapy
160-500 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V7

Phone:   416-978-2768
Fax:         416-946-8562

Cathy Evans is a physiotherapist and Assistant Professor in the Dept of Physical Therapy. She completed her BSc PT from the University of Toronto, MSc in Epidemiology from McMaster University, and PhD (Education and Technology) from the University of Toronto.

Cathy has also produced two visual lectures for students, including Feedback – Do you Get it? and How Can Health Professional Students Manage Test Anxiety?

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Cathy has two areas of interest. The first area examines physiotherapists’ opinions about their role in the rehabilitation management of individuals with conditions such as osteoporosis or obesity in order to understand learning needs and implications for continuing education and professional development. The second area is online continuing education using a community of practice approach in the teaching and learning of evidence based practice.

Cathy teaches in the MScPT program as a member of the research curriculum, primarily within the Unit 10/12 module. She also serves as a faculty advisor for the second year MScPT research projects. Her other roles include Department of Physical Therapy Graduate Coordinator, Coordinator of Advanced Standing Program and Director of Continuing Education.

Assistant Professor & Graduate Coordinator, Department of Physical Therapy
Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute