Alison Bonnyman, BScPT, MScRS

Lecturer and Academic Program Coordinator, Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging Program

Department of Physical Therapy
160-500 University Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V7

Phone: 416-978-5682
Fax:       416-946-8562

Alison Bonnyman is a physiotherapist and Lecturer in the Department of Physical Therapy. She completed her BSc PT from the University of Toronto and MSc in Rehabilitation Science from McMaster University.

Alison is the Academic Program Coordinator of the Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging Program (OIEPBP). Alison is the founder of the Canadian Aquatic Rehabilitation Institute lecturing, consulting and teaching aquatic therapy in Canada.

Bonnyman A, MacIntyre NJ. State of the evidence regarding the effect of water exercises on bone outcomes in postmenopausal women with osteoporotic vertebral fractures" for the journal "Critical Reviews™ in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine". Begell House Publishing. Submitted June 2012.

MSC (REHABILITATION SCIENCE) THESIS, Bonnyman, Alison M., "Assessment of Bone Geometry in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis of the Spine Before and After a 6 Month Aquatic Exercise Program" (2011). Open Access Dissertations and Theses. Paper 6317.

Bonnyman A, Webber CE, Stratford PW, MacIntyre NJ. Intra-rater reliability of the dual energy X-ray absorptiometry-based measures of vertebral height in postmenopausal women. Journal of Clinical Densitometry. 2011.

MacIntyre NJ, Bennett L, Bonnyman A, Stratford PW. Optimizing reliability of spine curvature measures in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis of the spine: An illustration of the use of Generalizability Theory. ISRN Rheumatology, vol. 2011, Article ID 571698, 8 pages, 2011. doi:10.5402/2011/571698.

Alison’s Masters Thesis was investigating the Bone Geometry before and after 6 months aquatic exercise in women with osteoporosis and vertebral fractures.

As Program Coordinator of the OIEPB Program, Alison is responsible for the overall development and implementation of the curriculum for the Bridging Program. She also teaches the Aquatic Therapy component in the  MScPT Program.

Professional Associate, School of Rehabilitation Science, McMaster University